Small Businesses

We work closely with small business owners and private property owners to eliminate and resolve parking violations and misuse of valuable parking space. 


Our goal is to help small businesses free up valuable parking spaces to ensure ample parking is available to both patrons and employees, while also preserving the condition and integrity of the property. At Action Towing, our focus is on reaching a solution that works best for all parties involved, including surrounding businesses. We strive to not only maintain lasting relationships with business owners, but also to help maintain business owners' relationships with patrons and the surrounding business community. 


Non-patrons utilizing businesses' parking spaces is an issue that should be addressed for the following reasons:

  • it restricts availability of parking spaces for paying customers 

  • it poses a potential liability risk in the case that a non-patron gets hurt on the property 

  • ​it leaves the property open to risk of damage and excessive litter 

In our experience working with small business owners, such as those on Siesta Key in Sarasota, the above issues caused by non-patron parking causes extensive loss of business and financial strain. Especially in busy season, and during events, non-patrons utilizing customer parking becomes a very serious problem which quickly escalates out of control. This is an issue that cannot be resolved through quick and aggressive towing. Resolving this issue takes time and consistency. 


Our solution is to first spend about a week on the property observing and documenting violations, and then coming up with a individualized plan to manage the property's parking the best way possible. 

Vehicles blocking Loading Zones & Dumpsters

Often times, customers who cannot find a parking space will park in "no parking" zones, loading zones, and/or blocking access to dumpters and other service areas. 


These types of parking violations must be addressed promptly so that day-to-day business functions can be performed efficiently and safely. 


Our solution is to post proper signage indicating "no parking" in such areas and prompt removal of vehicles upon request. 

Overnight &
After Hours Parking

Although the issues listed are the most frequently observed issues, we will work closely with each business owner to customize a plan that solves their specific problem areas. 


Vehicles parked on the property overnight and after business hours pose many potential problems such as: 

  • property damage

  • property theft

  • property vandalism 

  • excessive litter

  • liability risk

The above issues can cost the business owner money in maintenance, repair, and even potential lawsuits. 


Our solutions to these issues are: regular patrols of the property after business hours, documenting and notifying local law enforcement of any misuse of the property, and removal of vehicles are business owners' request.