Shopping Centers 

Abanoned Vehicles

& For Sale Vehicles.

One of the most common issues for shopping centers is abandoned and for sale vehicles. These issues should be addressed for the following reasons: 

  • these vehicles take up paying customer parking 

  • they are often an eyesore, impacting the overall appearance of the property

  • most importantly, they violate Florida's curbstoning law which specifies that vehicles cannot be placed for sale on private lots not zoned for car lots 


Our solution is a tagging system which gives the vehicle owner an opportunity to move their vehicle before it is removed. 

Trucking Companies

& Squatters

Many times, truckers utilize shopping center parking lots to leave equipment as a staging area to transfer loads, as well as overnight parking. Similarly, travelers often use parking lots as a makeshift campground. 


This causes problems for the shopping center in the areas of security, saftey, and property upkeep. 


Our solution is to post proper signage indicating no unauthorized or overnight parking, tagging vehicles in violation, and removal at property managers' request. 

Although the issues listed are the most frequently observed issues, we will work closely with each property to customize a plan that solves their specific problem areas.