Apartment Complexes, HOA's and COA's.

We work closely with management companies and governing board members to come up with the best possible solutions to common parking violations and related community issues.  


Our goal is to build lasting relationships founded on trust by communicating regularly with management companies and board members, as well as treating residents and tenants with respect and courtesy. At Action Towing, we focus more on lasting solutions that benefit all parties involved, rather than long-term aggressive towing. 

 License Plates


​​Inoperable Vehicles

Vehicles without license plates, or expired registration, are an issue that should be addressed for the following reasons:  

  • the vehicle may not be properly insured

  • the vehicle may be abandoned or left behind by a former resident

  • the vehicle may be stolen and dumped on the property


Disabled or inoperable vehicles should also be addressed for following reasons: 

  • the vehicle may be hazardous to other tenants/residents and their guests

  • derelict vehicles are an eyesore and negatively impact the overall image of the community

  • the vehicle is not being used, and therefore taking up valuable parking space for other residents and their guests


Our solution to these problems is a tagging system, in which we patrol and tag vehicles in violation giving the owner an opportunity to address the violation. 

Assigned Resident & Vistor Parking Violations



Many condominium and apartment complexes have limited parking available for residents and guests. Therefore, it is imperative that these parking spaces are utilized properly. 


Some common issues associated with assigned resident and visitor parking spaces are as follows: 

  • residents with multiple vehicles utilizing visitor spaces and other resident spaces as parking spaces for secondary vehicles

  • visitors parking in assigned resident spaces 

  • residents and visitors without a space to park result to parking in other violation areas such as: fire lanes, "no parking" zones, handicap spaces, on landscaping, sidewalks, or curbs

In our experience, when these types of violations go unaddressed, it causes inter-community tension between residents and management. 

Our solutions to these issues include notifying residents of parking rules via newsletters, addressing repeat offenders, and if need be - removing offenders. 

Fire Lanes and
"No Parking" Zones

Vehicles parked in "no parking" zones, fire lanes, and/or blocking access to fire hydrants should be removed promptly as they pose a serious safety hazard to the entire community and the integrity of the property. If emergency vehicles cannot access the property, not only is this unsafe, the community also could face fines and/or potential lawsuits. 


Our solution is immediate removal of any vehicle in such violation to preserve the safety and integrity of the property. 

Handicap Parking Spaces

It is imperative that tenants and their guests have access to handicap parking spaces. Not only are handicap spaces required by law, but it is also very important from a safetly stand point that disabled tenants and guests have a desginated accessible parking space which meets safety standards and is close to their unit. 


It is imperative that management companies address violations of handicap spaces as municipalities generally do not enforce handicap spaces on private property. 


Our solution is to ensure all proper signs are posted, in accordance with the law, and all vehicles in violation are removed in a timely manner. 

Parking on Landscaping, Sidewalks, and Curbs

Residents and guests without a place to park often resort to parking on curbs, sidewalks, and even landscaping. Vehicles parking on landscaping tear up grass and plants costing the property in maintenance and landscaping costs, not to mention, undermining management's efforts to maintain a beautiful property.

Vehicles parked on the sidewalk block access for pedestrians causing an unsafe situation where pedestrians are forced to walk out in the roadway. 


Our solution is to enforce a warning system in which violators are first given a warning and grace period in which they have an opportunity to move their vehicle before their vehicle is removed. Repeat offenders will be removed immediately. 

Although the issues listed are the most frequently observed issues, we will work with management companies and HOA's/COA's to customize a plan to solve each communities individual problem areas.