About Us

Action Towing was founded in 2010 in response to a need for a towing company specializing in private property towing in the Sarasota area. Today, we are still the only towing company based in Sarasota that focuses solely on private property towing. Owned and operated by veterans, we operate with the highest degree of responsibility and integrity. Every client is given the same amount of attention, regardless of how many cars we tow from the property. 


We strive for transparency between the properties we service and our company.

Every tow performed is thoroughly documented with pictures, dates, and times. Every vehicle owner is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, and is given a detailed receipt for the transaction, as well as an explanation of all local rates and regulations. All such documents, pictures, and case numbers associated with each tow are readily available to property owners and managers at their request.



Our trucks are gas powered allowing us to patrol properties without disturbing residents and their guests. Our trucks are also low clearance, allowing us to enter parking garages and other smaller structures. Every truck is equipped with the necessary equipment to properly and safely tow vehicles without damage to the vehicle or the property. Additionally, our trucks are equipped with video surveillance to monitor activity while operating on properties. 

Storage Yard

Our storage yard is centrally located to the properties we service reducing mileage fees and the distance a vehicle owner must drive to redeem their vehicle. Our storage yard is in a safe and secure location, and someone is available 24-hours a day to release vehicles to owners. 


All of our drivers go through thorough background checks, drug testing, and have clean driving records. They are also properly trained and monitored closely.