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Our mission is to redefine towing stereotypes and preconceived notions developed over years of unscrupulous towing activities. Through the use of highly trained professionals, innovative equipment and leading technology, our goal is to provide responsible, prompt, and most of all, ethical private property towing. 

Shopping Centers


Common Issues

  • For sale vehicles.

  • Abandoned vehicles.

  • Squatters. 

  • Trucking companies utilizing lots as staging areas. 

  • Property damage and liability due to unauthorized use of parking lot. 

Small Businesses
​Common Issues
  • Cars parking in loading zones, no parking zones and/or blocking access to dumpsters.

  • Non-patrons parking in customer parking. 

  • Unauthorized use of property overnight and for extended periods of time. 

  • ​Property damage and liability due to unauthorized use of parking lot. 


Apartment Complexes, HOA's & COA's


​Common Issues

  • Residents and visitors parking in fire zones and/or no parking zones.

  • Residents and visitors parking in other resident's assigned parking spaces.

  • Residents and visitors parking on landscaping, sidewalks, and curbs. 

  • Non-handicap residents and visitors parking in handicap spots. 

  • Unregistered vehicles and disabled vehicles. 


Our storage yard is centrally located near McIntosh and Ashton Road in Sarasota. 

Open 7 days a week:
Sunday-Monday  8am-6pm
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